How to maximize under the stairs space

Home decoration and spacing can be challenging at times. But the best feeling is utilizing your house maximally and maintaining a fantastic look for your house. Utilizing hidden spaces like under the stairs will come in handy to optimize space.


Use as a Home office

Turn the unused space under the stairs into a cozy home office. Add a good designer table desk with a chair and maximize your work at home. You can do some little renovation and adjust the space, like having shelves for storage, enhancing the place’s lighting, and making it gloomy to serve the office purpose.


Use it as an under stairs shoe storage

Don’t let shoes mess up your interior by scattering them all over. Under stairs shoe storage enables you to keep your shoe collection organized. Install some under stairs shelves to hold your shoes organized. Store both the used and new shoes that mess your living space. Visit for more on how to use the space under the stairs. Under stairs shoe storage is unique.


As a playroom

It’s every parent’s dream to make their kids happy and comfortable. Giving them the freedom to play is part of it. The space under the stairs would give them that imaginary world they fantasize like a school, shop, a beautiful fairy tale, fan fiction, and more. You would also save the energy of looking for another place to store their toys and play items giving you perfect under stairs storage.


A wine cellar or a minibar

If you don’t mind a minibar in the house, a wine cellar or minibar is under stairs storage ideas. Wine connoisseurs may like to convert this space into a cellar by adding wooden under stairs shelves. If the space is wide, you can add a small table and some high chairs or stools to relax.


A clothes wardrobe

Organizing your house to be as attractive and elegant as possible hence the need for under stairs ideas. Instead of congesting your bedroom with those unused clothes, and sheets, making the under stairs storage helps you create more space and enlightens your room more.

These under stairs storage ideas would match any living space. Interior decor and fashion are all about being simple yet unique. The under stairs ideas give you a sense of fashion and maximize more space in your living home.